Jeff Tiredrich : Inside the life of American Political Blogger


Jeff Tiredrich is an American political blogger, graphic designer and musician born on March 16, 2021 at Rockaway, New Jersey in the United States of America to Warren Lloyd Tiredrich who was an ex Army and Joan Diamond Tiredrich who is a family manager. Jeff spend his formative years in Rockaway in the United States alongside her sister Ellen Wayne Tiredness.

Jeff Tiredrich Education

Jeff Tiredrich has his elementary education at a local basic school in the United States and then attended Morris Hills Secondary school in 1975.

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After completing with a very good grades, he got the opportunity to study in Parson School of Design for further studies where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1978.

Musical career

Jeff Tiredrich began his career as a musician in 1973. He joined Alligator musical band. This opportunity was the greatest thing that ever happened to him in the music industry. He serve as the leading guitarist and vocalist in the band. Musician Jeff and his crew performed in various clubs and public places in order to entertain people. One More Saturday Night is one of their topmost performances.

Jeff Tiredrich Political blogger

In 2000, Jeff began writing political blogs. His blogs focuses on matters relating to politics and he get much popularity from this career. He was hired by the left wing website called The Smirking Chimp due to his good works and fame.

The blogger is one the the handful brave people who never get away from fingering out bad happenings in the society. Jeff rose to fame during the he began opposing everything Donald Trump said on Twitter. His bravery and confidence lead him to oppose Donald Trump’s laws and judgments.

Jeff then became one of the fearless bloggers of his time which many people believed that he was paid by democrats to used him against Donald Trump.

Graphic designing

Jeff Tiredrich is not only a musician and political blogger. He is also a graphic designer. This talented designer creates designs and videos for his clients. He is the owner of the Tiredrich design which is an institution that focused on giving the adequate training skills in designing.

Marital status

The musician, blogger and graphic designer got married to his sweetheart Claudia Long. Claudia is a famous copywriter, creative director and strategist . Their union was blessed with a wonderful daughter named Katherine Chandler who was born in November 1991.

Jeff Tiredrich Current resident

Presently, Jeff and his family resides in Hastings on Hudson, New York. The family lives happily since the day they exchanged marriage vows till date.

Social media

Since he is a graphic designer, he can not part ways with social media. Jeff created his YouTube channel on January 20, 2011. He used this channel to promote his works and have uploaded six of his performances videos. His first video was uploaded in the on the channel on May 13, 2013. Jeff’s YouTube channel have over 505 subscribers.

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Jeff created his first Twitter account in 2008 which he used as the channel of opposing Donald Trump. He rose to fame because of this action and at the same created both lovers and haters for himself. He has over 722.2k followers and 21.3k tweets.

Body measurement

The musician stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs at 83kg.

Net worth

As a popular graphic designer, musician and political blogger, Jeff was able to accumulate an estimated net worth of over $300,000k.


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