Larruso Links up with Legendary Hiphop musician Akon via Video call


One of the Newest Ghanaian Dancehall sensation, Larruso is out there making plans to push his stuffs higher than we could even imagine.

A screenshot that is fast making rounds on the internet has The young musician in a hot conversation with legendary Senegalese Musician Akon.

Larruso can be seen in a very joyful mood in the picture and yes you and l will definitely be happy as well growing up listening to a musician only to grow up and speak to him via a video call.


It is not yet known what exactly led to the video call between the Ghanaian born musician and Akon neither is any convo from their call out yet.

Whichever reason it is, Akon is a legend in the game, those who are a little older knows the impact he made to our music playlists with his cool voice and singing styles.

He may currently not be the artist he used to be but he has the links to push any artist to break into the US music scene and so seeing him in a conversation with Larruso is a real good news to the youngster’s music career.

Larruso and Akon


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