Lil Durk reveals what he wants from his girlfriend India Royale as a birthday gift


American Rapper Lil Durk has shared an interesting story of what he demanded from her girlfriend as a gift on his upcoming birthday.

Birthdays are special days to everyone and it’s no surprise that many organize embark on expensive trips and organize parties to mark a great day which is an additional year to their life.

Lil Durk, is not interested in the partying and chilling aspect of his birthday and rather thinking of how to build a great family around her current girlfriend India Royale.


When asked by his girlfriend what he wants before that special day, Lil Durk told her she wants a male child.

Not only that, Lil also made it known to India his readiness to marry her as his legal wife before his 29th birthday.

Lil Durk’s birthday is only 9 days more and if his wish should come through, that means we will be witnessing some wedding ceremony very soon that the Honeymoon will lead into a pregnancy all before 19th October which is Lil’s birthday.



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