Mamady Doumbouya sworn in as president of Guinea’s transition towards civilian rule.

Guinean junta leader, Mamady Doumbouya, sworn in as president of the country’s transition towards civilian rule. Doumbouya supervised a group of special battalions who toppled the authority of President Alpha Conde on September 5.

The leader suggested 2years and 6month to ECOWAS bloc to govern Guinea before he handover to civilian rule. Prominent West African leaders did not attend the ceremony in Conakry for the investiture because Guinea is presently excluded from the ECOWAS union as well as from the African Union.

Guinea’s military leader Col Mamady Doumbouya will on Friday be sworn in as the interim president. The ceremony waa held at the presidential palace and was attended by those who have been invited only.

Col Doumbouya spearheaded the coup that deposed President Alpha Condé early last month. He is required to establish a new government in the coming weeks.

The 41 years old is the military commander to become Africa’s second youngest head of state, the youngest being Mali’s Col Assimi Goïta, 38 who oversaw a coup against President Ibrahim Keïta in 2020.

Doumbouya announced his soldiers had seized power because they wanted to end rampant corruption, human rights abuses and mismanagement.

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