MrBeast Net Worth


What is MrBeast Net Worth? $25 million

Born Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast grew up to successfully established himself as an American YouTuber and Entrepreneur with a Net Worth of $25 million.

Who is MrBeast

MrBeast was born on 7th Day of May 1998 in Greenville, North California of the United States of America. He had his education at the Greenville Christian Academy where he successfully graduated in 2016.

MrBeast was diagnosed with ninth grade of an inflammatory bowel Condition called Crohns disease and even before that he has always suffered several sickness where he lost 30 pounds at one point in time due to the discomfort he was going through.

Growing up, Beast has his eyes set on one thing and that is to be a worldwide recognized star. He started making moves to achieve that in YouTubing by posting videos to YouTube being Commentaries, reactions abs funny compilations when he was as young as age 12 using the username MrBeast600.

MrBeast first shot at fame was in 2018 when he released a video he titled Counting to 100,000 in which he spent 48 hours counting to 100,000. The video caught very high attention and had more than 21 million views.

MrBeast knew very well he has to be consistent to have any chance if penetrating to the very top level and he followed up the 100,000 video with another interesting one where he counted 200,000.

Fast Forward, MrBeast has climbed the ladder to the top as one of the highest earning YouTube stars worldwide. He has over 90 million subscribers who gave him over 10 billion views on YouTube.


In February 2020, he dropped a video titled “Surprising my Girlfriend with 100,000 Roses for Valentines Day” in this s vide, MrBeast revealed Maddy as his girlfriend who will now go on to appear in several videos of the YouTuber.

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It’s not as if MrBeast is a YouTuber so he isn’t known on other social media platforms, on Instagram, he has 12 million followers, 13 million on TikTok and 9 million on twitter making it a combined 34 million followers outside YouTube.

MrBeast Awards

MrBeast’s hard work has earned him several recognitions In 2019 he won Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards. That same year he was nominated for Ensemble Cast and Creator of the Year.

MrBeast was adjudged Creator of the Year At the Live Special awards and picked up Creator of the year also before being crowned the YouTuber of the year award at the Shorty Awards.

In 2021 he was nominated for Favorite Male Social Star at the Kids’ Choice Awards but failed to emerge victorious

MrBeast Merchandise

Almost all Celebrities try to establish some brand for themselves outside of what exactly they are known for and that includes MrBeast. Outside of YouTube revenue, MrBeast’s second-biggest source of income is his merchandise line which is Sold through, he offers a wide range of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, water bottles, mouse pads, backpacks and more. It has been estimated that roughly 40% of MrBeast’s annual income comes from merchandise sales.


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