Nektunez,’ the Ghanaian US based producer behind the viral Ameno (Dorime) ‘Amapiano’ song

Many wonder who masterminded the song that has quickly become an anthem for all music lovers, more especially night lifers across Africa.

From the most prominent night life destinations in Accra to the biggest clubs in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and more, Ameno Amapiano produced by Nektunez, has become the order of the day.
Currently one of the most played songs on the continent, the song has drawn admiration from industry top guns such as Don Jazzy, DJ Kaywise, DJ Big N, Toby Shang and more whose dance videos have now made it a viral TikTok sensation with videos from all over the world.
Though little may be known of him, Noble, better known as Nektunez, is a Ghanaian multi-genre record producer, singer, songwriter, composer and entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a massive array of star studded production credits from all around the world.
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