“No wonder burna boy dumped you” – Nigerian Dismantle Stefflon Don for doing B@d Girl things during Performance


Renowned female Rapper Stefflon took all the headlines when she visited Netherlands recently to perform at an event.

During her performance, Stefflon Don put her backside on display in a Tw3rking video. She shared the video via her Instagram page and many are resting to the news on Osixafrica.net Facebook page.

One interesting comment came from a Nigerian who is likely to be a fan of Burna boy, Steff’s Ex Boyfriend.

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According to the fan, the action of Stefflon is a clear evidence that she is not a wife material.

He continued to make a bold claim that Burna Boy was right to end his relationship with her since she isn’t qualified to be a wife.

“No wonder burna boy left her..she no be wife material.” He wrote

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