Osebo left disabled shoemaker in tears with a gift of GHC4,000 and motorbike


A cobbler (shoemaker) in Suhum, Eastern Region, was in tears when Ghanaian fashionista Osebo and his team stormed his shop and gifted him GHC4,000 and a motorbike to invest in his business.

A few weeks ago, Osebo visited the cobbler, whose name is unknown, to listen to his needs. After the cobbler told him how he has been struggling to make ends meet, Osebo took to social media to solicit funds for him.

He raised GHC9,200 from donors on his Instagram page. He split the money into three; GHC5,000 was used to purchase a motorbike for him to use for daily feeding, GHC2,000 was deposited into his account, and the last GHC2,000 was given to him to keep.


Osebo told him to use the motorbike as Okada (commercial motorbike) and save enough to buy another one for himself.

The man, upon receiving the donations, broke down in tears. A woman sitting behind him also shed tears.



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