“Release Shatta Wale immediately and Apologize to him” – YPSA and CNPSA Group to Ghana Police Service


The Youth For Peace and Security Africa Group has sent a strong warning to the Ghana Police Service regarding the ongoing brouhaha involving Musician Shatta Wale.

The Group are demanding for the immediate quenching of a case that led to the musicians arrest and render an apology to him.

Shatta Wale threw the entire Ghana into a state of panic when he planned with some of his crew to fake an alleged gunshot incident.

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After it came to light that the alleged gunshot incident was a hoax, the Ghana Police service took a quick step to arrest him to help in investigation.

But according to YPSA group, that was rather a wrong move by the security agency citing that the actions of the SM boss is entirely a self protest against the many fake prophecies that have been ongoing in the country for a longtime without any action by the Police.

They argued that the Police’s inability to question this self titled prophets who keep threatening the life of prominent people in the name of prophesy is a sign that they can not guarantee Ghanaians the right to peace, Security and safety.

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The argument continued that the said prophecies should also have been treated as causing Fear and Panic just like the Police are stating against Shatta Wale.

The said Group concluded by labeling Shatta Wale a Her who should be celebrated and rewarded for his fake gun attack rather than punishing him.

Read the full statement below.


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