Sarkodie hit with stray bullet in Amerado’s diss song “The Throne”.


There’s a new beef in town and that is between Amerado and Obibini who have both given each other a diss song each.

But when it is about Rap, trust one person’s name will definitely pop up and this time l know your guess is right because that will be no other Rapper except Sarkodie.

Amerado released ‘The Throne’ meant as a reply to Obibini’s Deceased and part of his lyrics stated that if not for him, a certain man called ‘kaywuo’ would have been dominating the Rap game alone just like he has been doing for years.

He even went on to mention Titi who happens to be Sarkodie’s daughter but blemished it with Table Tennis. That was a smart move from a smart rapper who want you to go deep before knowing the statement he is making.

Now the big question is who is that ‘kaywuo’ Amerado is talking about here? And the Let’s also ask ourselves who has been the one dominating the rap music for years now without a competitor?

Amerado during his freestyle on Tim Westwood has already established that Sarkodie is the true King of Rap but won’t have it easy against him bar for bar.

Now sit down yourself, do the Calculations and figure out whom exactly that kaywuo line belongs to in Amerado’s the Throne song.



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