Stonebwoy tackle a Shatta Wale fan who question his constant attack on GHAMRO

Stonebwoy is proving he is not ending his beef with GHAMRO anytime soon until a positive change take effect.

The Musician has been hitting GHAMRO hard over issues concerning royalty to artists which he considered as one that the leaders are not making any good efforts to put things right.

In a fresh tweet, Stonebwoy warns GHAMRO to put away the defense and attack manner in which they are dealing with Artists and put things in the right direction.

He went on to Question the association’s president Rex Omar if he is really happy seeing things the way they are now.

“Rex Omar And @Ghamro_official please put away the defensive and attack mechanism against artistes stop throwing dust into the eyes of the people. we have had meetings to no avail.this royalty issue has been since you were a young artiste. are you happy about the state of affairs?”

While doing this one Twitter user believed to be a fan of Shatta Wale decided to take a ho at Stonebwoy by questioning him why he failed to support 1 Don when he was making similar point back in the days.

A sensible Stonebwoy who isn’t so much bothered about the SM fan’s comment ask him whether the time to raise a voice together with his colleague has expired.

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