Who is Bobby Rydell’s wife? When did he get married?


Bobby Rydell was a famous musician known across the world since he burst into the Music scene in the Early 1960s.

He was still relevant despite not doing music at a point in time until his Sad demise on April 5th 2022 due to complications from Pneumonia, a sickness he has been battling for years now.

Who is Bobby Rydell’s wife?

Linda Hoffman


Linda Hoffman is the Kind Hearted Woman in the Life of Bobby Rydell. She is a a well established personality known to be a cardiac sonographer.

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Before meeting Linda, Bobby Rydell was previously married to Camille Quattrone back in 1968.

Their relationship lasted for 34 years until Camille Quattrone sadly passed away in 2003.

When did he gets married?


Bobby Rydell and Linda Hoffman met each other in 2007 and After two years of dating, they officially married in 2009.



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