Young boy Who Went Viral At Aba Fashion Week in adidas short Becomes Ambassador


Grace they say will find you at the right time irrespective of where you find yourself at that particular moment.

This was the exact story of a young g boy who went viral at the 2023 edition of the Aba Fashion Week.

At the recently held many top stars in the fashion industry as well as other major brands were present to grace the event.

However, it was a young boy who took center stage and stole the whole show right under the nose of all the stars.

The young boy, dressed in a red top Adidas brand shirt could be seeing walking majestically with some confidence at the event.

His courage to show up among at a star studded event like that has got many talking about how great he will become when he grows.

Fast forward , Grace has already found him and reports we just gathered indicates that he has been handed an ambassadorial deal by the clothing company.

Adidas as a brand is yet to come out with an announcement concerning the little boy but sources close to them revealed it is a done deal.

Some photos of him with original Adidas clothes also went viral which many believe is a confirmation that the young boy has truly Become an Adidas Ambassador.


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