Alleged Military Coup ongoing in Sudan, Prime Minister and others under house arrest


Reports we are gathering this morning indicates the the Military forces of Sudan are trying to takeover power from Government.

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok is currently placed under House Arrest while other members of the country’s civilian leadership are also detained by the Military Force.

According to a report by Al-Hadath TV, a military force from no where besieged the prime minister’s home in the early hours of Monday 25th October before placing him under house arrest.


Some other government officials taken into custody by the Military includes Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh, and the governor of Sudan’s capital Khartoum, Ayman Khalid.

The country’s Information Minister Hamza Baloul, media adviser to the prime minister, Faisal Mohammed Saleh, alongside the spokesman for Sudan’s ruling sovereign council, Mohammed al-Fiky Suliman also got a share of the arrest.

This happening is coming just at the back of a successful Military takeover that took the entire continent by storm in Guinea where Alpha Conde was taken out of power.

According to Netblocks, the incident is ongoing and internet Has been disrupted in the country and real-time network data show national connectivity at 34% of ordinary levels.

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