Another Police Woman found dead in a hotel room leaving suicide note behind

A police Constable has reportedly taken her life inside a hotel located at Akwasiho and left a note behind blaming one Timothy for it.

The Police Constable has been identified as Sarah Adjei of the Quarter Master stores at Nkwakwa Divisional Headquarters.

According to reports, Sarah lodge into an undisclosed hotel and around 7:00pm on Saturday, August 7, the manager of the hotel decided to check on guests only to find out the Police woman was dead lying on the floor.

The death was confirmed after the manager invited Police to the scene. She has a swollen cheek with Blood was oozing from her nostrils.

A search was done quickly in the room and a note which has been declared as a suicide one was found in her bag stating the blame for her death should be directed towards Timothy Dampare.

“Dear Mr Timothy Dampare, I told you I owed people money and you decided to help me, and you have been with me in my house for one week now and you have refused to help me, so if anything happens, you have caused it Mr Timothy Dampare.” The note reads

She also left a phone number on the same piece of paper which is believed to be the digits of the said Timothy she was talking about in her suicide note

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