Ghanaian LGBTQ community to fly to Ghana to demonstrate in Kumasi and Accra after successful New York protest


Ghanaian LGBT groups in the United States of America are eyeing a historic demonstration Ghana’s Capital, Accra and Kumasi to kill in a strong attempt to shut down discussions on the Anti-LGBTQ bill.

This development follows a successful demonstration and rally held in the United States of America specifically in the cities of Harlem, New York, Oakland and California.

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Mr Johnny Abbeam, a strong activist of the LGBTQ movement, the confirmation of The highly talked about Anti LGBT bill will deepen hatred, stigmatisation, depression and HIV AIDS in Ghana.

His reason been that those who are affected with any form of HIV AIDS will not have the comfortability to go out for medication for fear of stigmatisation.

According to a report filed by one of Ghana’s leading media firm, Joy News, hundreds of Ghanaians joined the USA version of the protest as they prepare to replicate same in Ghana when they were questioned about it.

“Will you have the courage to demonstrate in Ghana considering the current Anti LGBT tension?” Mark Cooks asked the conveners.

When we get to the bridge we shall cross it. No matter how slippery it will be, we shall prevail and exist in the confines of fundamental human rights” Johnny responded.

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