“The grace functioning in me can only work for you when you bribe my angels by giving us money” – Pastor tells congregants


A pastor believed to be from Nigeria has told his congregants that there’s no way they can receive the blessings in him without them offering money for it.

The issue of religious establishments are becoming a major issue especially in Africa with many having the mindset that this it’s all about the business aspect for this religious leaders than impacting anything positive into their followers.

Undoubtedly everyone has their own beliefs and the unidentified pastor has made his own clear that money is the main factor when it comes to receiving blessings through pastors.


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He made it clear that he church members will have to bring money to his alter before they can be touched and continues that the only way the power in him can make any changes in their life is by bribing the angles that works through himself and God.

He explained his reasons that the availability of money in his hands is what will make him deliver quickly the message given to him from God through the Angels.

“We need your money to come on my alter so that my alter will touch you. The only way the grace functioning in me can work for you is that you come and bribe my angels.

“Because the more moms in my hand the faster l reach the Assignment they gave to me. So the easier you make the assignment, the easier it works for you” he told his congregants.

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