Man tie the knot with lady who once paid part of his rent when he was broke

A Nigerian man has married a lady whom he got to know via WhatsApp back in 2016.

The A young man Identified as Adefolarin Daniel Adeboye took to Facebook on Monday, October 11, to tell the world how he met his wife, Janet Ifeoluwa Oyewunmi.

According to him, it all started when he tried advertising his food business on WhatsApp where he sent broadcasts into various groups.

To his surprise, another person reposted the same advert to support him and that was when he decided to check whom the good samaritan was.

He revealed they started talking and met but failed to start anything more than just friendship since they weren’t that much into each other by then.

What made him realized this might be his soulmate came when he got into financial troubles and needed to pay his rent.

The said lady out of nowhere decided to hand him a financial helping hand by giving him some amount of money to add up and pay his rent.

The rest they say is history and today they are happily married.

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