Man hilariously tried to send a Police officer to buy him Wakye due to the heavy rainfall that kept him indoor

Ghana’s Capital, Accra has been hit with heavy rainfall this morning leaving may with no option than to remain indoors.

As a Result the Ghana Police service shared an update via their Facebook page and advised parents not to let out their children until the whether conditions are favorable.

The service also gave out phone contacts to be called should anyone need an assistant as a result of flood.

Ghanaians hail Ghana Police Service, describe them as the most institution for their constant Social media updates
This problem has caused a Ghanaian Facebook user to be angry with the sense that he may be missing out on his favorite morning Wakye.

Oops he could also be hungry as well and not used to the normal milo and Milk or any light breakfast just like myself.

In a desperate attempt to get his favorite morning food, the Facebook user took to the comment section to ask the Ghana Police Service if they could provide one personnel that will get him Wakye since the rain is not in anyway permitting him to go out.

“The Rain is not allowing me to go and buy Wakye. Can l please call any of the numbers provided so an officer will buy the Wakye for me” He wrote in the comments section.

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