Biography and Net worth Of Vento Aureo star Bruno Bucciarati,


Bruno Bucciarati is the deuteragonist featured in the fifth part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

Bucciarati is a Mafioso and the leader of his own squad within the powerful Neapolitan gang, Passione.

Bucciarati appears as a mid-sized man with a slim build. He has black chin-length hair with straight-cut bangs covering his forehead.


He was Sent out to track whoever attacked Leaky-Eye Luca and debuting as Giorno Giovanna’s opponent, Bucciarati becomes the first to lend meaningful support to Giorno in his ascension in Passione’s ranks.

Appearance of Bruno Bucciarati?

Bruno Bucciarati’s attire is composed of an all-white suit covered in small black spoon-like symbols, with an open chest similar to Giorno, and zippers in random places alluding to his Stand, Sticky Fingers. Underneath his jacket is a lace top

His appearance seems to have stayed consistent since childhood with no particular differences outside his height and clothing.

Bruno Bucciarati is a man of above-average height with a slim build. He has black chin-length hair with straight-cut bangs covering his forehead.

Abilities of Bruno Bucciarati

Bucciarati’s Stand Sticky Fingers allows him to create zippers on any solid object or surface

Bruno Bucciarati is able to know if someone is lying simply by looking at them.

He is able to analyze his opponents’ fighting styles and perceive their strengths and weaknesses.

He is fast and powerful and can restrain his enemies from attacking.

He can taste a person’s sweat to determine if they are speaking the truth or lying.

Family and Relationship

Bruno Bucciarati was born the son of a humble fisherman in a coastal town where he spent most of his happy childhood with two loving parents.

As a child, Bucciarati loved his father deeply. When his parents divorced, he chose to stay by his father,

His mother had a loving relationship prior to his parents’ divorce. When she divorced his father, she tried to influence Bucciarati into coming with her, but Bucciarati refused.

Without a doubt Bruno Bucciarati is a valorous man and a capable leader. He is respected and obeyed by every member of his team.

While Bucciarati is severe with his subordinates, he is also protective of them and trusts them all.


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