Criss Waddle exposes stubborn Showboy, reveal how the 2Hype Gang boss butchered late Junior


The troubles surrounding AMG Business seems to be deeper than we thought as Criss Waddle finally react to the several negative claims made by Showboy about him and Medikal.

The AMG boss spoke about a sad incident between Showboy and the late Junior which led to Showboy’s imprisonment in the United States.

According to the Ayii hitmaker, Showboy and Junior’s fight kickstarted over a missing laptop belonging to Junior in their apartment.

Waddle stated that Showboy and Junior decided to go get some food at a popular restaurant, leaving behind three laptops in a room.

However, things took a dramatic turn upon their return when two of the laptops (belonging to Junior) were missing leaving only that of Showboy’s own in the room and it was something Junior did not understand which led to a fight between them.

It was during the fight that Showboy managed to stab Junior, who was rushed to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Waddle continued that, he however managed to speak to Junior and for the respect he (Junior) had for him (Waddle), he decided to seize fire and not arrest or do anything bad to Showboy.

Things again turned ugly between them when Showboy allegedly paid some bloggers to spread lies about the whole incident with Junior and this was where the latter decided to react.

If you are somehow lost, the video below was the very moment Showboy stabbed his friend Junior over a misunderstanding which according to Criss Waddle was because of a missing laptop.


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