“Fix Your Head Shape first” – Netizen descend on Kwadwo Sheldon for his harsh words on National Service Personnel

YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon has been served hot by one of his Twitter followers after making yet again a sensible but controversial comment towards National Service Personnel.

It is  not even a secrete in Ghana now anymore that National Service Personnel and newly recruited Nurses or teachers do not like the idea of being posted into some particular towns and villages.

This is purely as a result of their mindset that the place is not developed and may not be a comfortable place for them to reside.

But Sheldon who is well known for poking his nose into issues like this stated firmly that everyone deserves where he or she is posted to as far as it is located in Ghana because we all have a roll to play in Fixing the country as Citizens are calling for.

His explanation is very clear but his final comment “mmoa” which is clearly an insult is what made lots of people pack in his comment section with angry reactions.

One of the angry reactors was a certain @_16_years who harshly remind the content creator to Fix his head first before talking about fixing the country.



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