Ghanaian female Musician Bhadext Cona accuse Kuami Eugene of Song theft

Ghanaian musician Bhadext Cona has accused Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene of stealing her song and remaking it into his latest track ‘Bunker’.

Bhadext Cona Was hosted on her Rainbow Radio’s popular Entertainment show where she made the heavy allegations against the former Artist of the year.

According to het, she intended to feature Kuami Eugene on her song but after giving him a feel of what the song will look like, he doesn’t seems to be interested and even described the song as “childish”.

According to her, she feels the musician disrespected her craft, described her song as childish, and yet had the effrontery to steal it and remake it his bunker song.

But to her surprise , the Lynx Entertainment signee looked sharp on her and went to recreate the song which he named it bunker.

This made her to establish in her mind that she is a better musician than the Angela Hitmaker according to her statement.

“I don’t want to talk about Kuami Eugene because I am better than he is. He is not better than I am. I am a great musician than he is. If you can steal my song and remake it into a new song, then I am far superior than you are.” She said

I’m j“so far as he stole my song, then it proves that I am better than he is. He is aware that he stole my song but I don’t want to talk about it.” She added

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