“He promised, He delivered” – Teacher Kwadwo hands new motorbike, School uniform and others to young girl and her sister to start school

Teacher Kwadwo has once again come to the rescue of a young girl and his brother who were interspersed in joining their peers in school but just can’t do so as a result of many sad conditions.

The popular teacher went all the way to severa villages in attempt to let Ghanaians know of the sad happenings that are taking place when it comes to education in our deprived communities.

In his journey he met some children who are desperate to go to school but just can‘t do so. The reason being that the nearest school they can attend is miles that even grown ups find difficult to reach through the means of walking.

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Unfortunately, theres also a stream that they have to cross if they really want to walk and go to school, their parents do not have financial power to find a more easier means for them to go to school and left them with no choice than to stay home.

This sad revelation touched the heart of Teacher Kwadwo who made it a priority to make sure this little girl and her sister are able to go through education without stress.

Today, Maabena and her sister will have a good feel of school classroom, Thanks to the efforts of Teacher Kwadwo.

According to his own revelation, he hand bought a new motorbike alongside Other school needed items from for them to fulfill their dream of going to school.


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