Hookup girl troubled after man she traveled all the way to visit in a hotel refuse to chop her but requested nail trimming

An unidentified lady is currently going through some emotions as her hook-up experience recently is beyond her comprehension. 

Hookups have become the new norm in our society currently with people having the courage to travel a long distance to meet and sleep with someone they probably only know through the internet.

For the Ladies it has always been about the money which their ready to exchange their body for and unfortunately not all of them returns home safely from this risky journey and that is now the fear of one person who is also involved in it.

According to the lady who confided in a relationship counselor, the man who asked to meet her didn’t request to be in bed with her as it has always been but rather requested nail trimming.

This request by the man is making the lady have sleepless nights as she can’t decode the rationale behind the weird request of the man.


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