How Old is Nasty C now?


Nasty C, born David Junior Ngcobo is a South African Rapper, Record Producer and songwriter who has several hit songs attributed to his name.

The name Nasty C can generate a whole argument of who is the best rapper available in Africa Currently which has been a long standing debate among Music lovers.

The Rapper is considered by many as by far the best in the genre against any other person despite many rappers making strong cases for themselves as well in the continent.

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With multiple hit songs, he made a real statement when he was adjudged the overall African Artist of the year at the 2018 edition of the Headies Awards, the same year he grabbed a BET nomination.

Well that is a topic for another day as our main interest today is to look into the age of the man nicknamed “Zulu Man”..

How Old is Nasty C now?

24 years old

Despite his great Achievements, Nasty C is still a young guy and it will really be a proud moment for him to make such high impact at a a young age.

Nasty C was born on February 11, 1997 in Diepmeadow, South Africa making him 24 years old now.

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