Late Celestial Church of Christ leader, Samuel Oshoffa allegedly appears in the Sky


The late founder of Celestial Church of Christ Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa has allegedly appeared in the sky according to multiple reports.

There is a long existing myth especially in the mind of Christians that Angels or even Jesus Christ do appear in the Sky.

It is also believed most of this appearance are sometimes only visible to people who are spiritually strong and can see beyond.

This is the same thing that is happening when a pastor who died and buried back in 1985 is said to have appeared in the Sky.

It has to be Oshoffa, Yes the same man who reportedly resurrect people from the dead is the same person that has allegedly made himself available in the sky for people’s view.

Oshoffa founded the Celestial Church of Christ in 1947 after being lost for three months near Porto-Novo in Benin.

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