Benin Republic legalize abortion after Parliamentary voting


West African giants, Benin Republic has repeatedly become the latest country to make abortion legal.

As much as many are eager to give birth, there are many unplanned ones leading to the increasing population of Africa currently.

The issue of Teenage pregnancy is also another factor that brought about Abortion as a whole debate with many giving birth to high number of children they cannot look after.


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Many leaders also argued that this doesn’t give enough reasons to make Abortion a free act to the public which may turnout to abuse it in the future.

However the leadership of Benin has made the act legal and free to be done after a heated debate in parliament.

Under the new law that was late on Wednesday, women can terminate a pregnancy within the first three months if it is likely to cause material, educational, professional or moral distress, incompatible with the woman or the unborn child’s interest”.

After the Law was passed Benin’s Health Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin in a statement said

“In Benin, nearly 200 women die each year as the result of abortion complications, This measure will be a relief for many women who face undesired pregnancies, and are forced to put their lives in danger with botched abortions,” he added

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