“Dampare Strike again” Benz driver who drifted his car carelessly in Traffic arrested by Ghana Police


The act of Ensuring discipline in Ghana continues with a Benz driver the latest to join the arrested citizens.

In a video that raised everyone’s eyebrows a driver cruising in a Mercedes Benz decided to showcase to the public just how a good steering man he and his car is even in traffic.

Whilst the red light signaled that all cars coming from his direction should stop, the Driver drove out of his lane and get into the intersection point of the road where he drifted his car for fun, spinning it in middle of the road before speeding off.


The video angered many Ghanaians who call on the Ghana Police Service to do justice to the driver and it seems it’s not like the olden days where this kind of happenings are made a foolish case.

According to a report filed by starrfmonline, the driver of the Mercedes Benz car has been picked up this morning, Sunday 24th October.



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