USA suspend $700 million aid to Sudan in response to the military coup that took place in the country


The United States of America has suspended a planned aid that they intended giving to Sudan.

According to reports we gathered, the US is ready to extend a helping hand to the country with an amount of 700 United States Dollars.

However the recent Military Coup that took place in the country led to the US decision not to proceed with the aid as negotiated earlier.


The North East African country became the latest to experience a military coup just weeks after the highly talked about one that happened in Guinea.

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On Monday morning, Military men from nowhere besiege the Residence of top Government officials putting prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok under House arrest.

The Other civilian leaders were also remanded and kept into custody as the Military men intensify the quest for a change in ruling.

This happening is said to have caused the decision by the United States of America not to help the Embattled African country.

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