Over 150 schools have been used for Military Purposes in South Sudan since 2013


The state of Security in Africa is fast becoming a concern despite some other parts being rated among the most Peaceful countries in the world.

Some North African countries especially continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons and one of those happens to be South Sudan.

In a century where education is highly given some valuable attention worldwide, South Sudan seems not to be coming up with the pace at which others are taking it.

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The country is tagged as one that is not safe to travel into due to due to armed conflicts, inter-ethnic violence and high levels of violent crime.

This happenings made Education to be given less attention to.

According to African Fact Zone, over 150 schools have been taken over for military purposes since 2013.

Also, research revealed over 100 of children were abducted from their classrooms and this sane conflict related issues led to the closure of At least 800 schools.

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