Lionel Messi breaks down in tears during Barcelona press Conference

Six times Ballon D’or winner, Lionel Messi is currently holding a press conference to say an official goodbye to Barcelona following an earlier announcement that he is leaving the club.

One of the Beautiful love stories in football history has come to an end, Yes Lionel Messi has left Barcelona in some shocking manner.

The club failed to find a way to tie their captain to a new contract due to their financial struggles and will now have to watch a player who is arguably their greatest player in the club’s history go.

Messi couldn’t hold the tears as he touched on the situation surrounding his exit. He stated clearly he wanted to stay and had no intention to leave a club but that just couldn’t happen and he is very sad about how it ended.

“I’m really sad because I didn’t want to leave this club. I love Barcelona and I wanted to stay, my contract was ready. I did everything in my possibility to stay” he said

Messi continued that he was hundred percent certain there’s no way he will depart a club he described as his home and the club knew about it all.

“I was convinced to stay here at Barcelona. This is my home, our home. I wanted to stay at Barça and it was the plan and today I’ve to say goodbye after my entire life here” Messi added

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