Sean Paul narrates how COVID-19 caused problems with his bank account

Jamaican Dancehall sensation, Sean Paul has has revealed the deadly corona Virus that took the entire world by storm has not only played a negative influence in his music career but also his bank account.

In a conversation with Page Six, where he touched on how the pandemic affected his career, Sean Paul made it known he was due to go on tours that will bring him huge funds but couldn’t fulfill that due to the fast spreading of the virus.

Not only does he not get income, he also revealed he has been spending on charities donating to them to help lessen their situation.

“I’ve lost a lot of money because I travel more than six months out of the year. Like millions, all of that is from touring, but then I’ve also been spending money on charities,” Paul says.

Before things took a dramatic turn leading to lockdown in March 2020, the Sean Paul shared that he had just landed from a tour with Shaggy in New Zealand and, at that time, was taking the coronavirus seriously.

“I was on the plane with my mask on, and Shaggy [was] laughing at me like, ‘What are you doing yo bro? You making the plane smell like a hospital right now.’ I am spraying Lysol and wiping down… I said, ‘Yo bro I got asthma,’ so for me it was a definite lesson,” he said

Despite all the negative impacts the Covid played in his Music career, the Jamaican admits it was nice staying home as sometimes one just need to take a break.

“Sometimes you have to take a break… With everything there is a silver lining, so I have enjoyed the family time, and I have enjoyed the extra studio time that I’ve been given” he added.

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