What does Boity do for a living


Born in the Potchefstroom city of South Africa, Boity Thulo needs no much introduction when it comes to popular Personalities in South Africa, the African Continent and the world at large.

Boity has been living large and good promoting many into asking themselves her main source of income.

Well, Boity is not a lazy woman, infact she is multitalented and managed to overcome challenges to become whom she is today.

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In most part of the world now including South Africa, you are able to get something huge doing when you gain some level of education and Boity did exactly that by completing the Monash University.

I know you probably might be thinking she is employed by someone to working in a particular firm on salary bases but No that’s not it at all.

What does Boity do for a living

Boity actually does many things for a living , She is an Actress, Television Personality, musician, Model and Entrepreneur.

She has been active as a Television Personality since 2011 to date and only got recognized as a Rapper as recent as 2017.

Within that period till now, she released many hit songs including Wiz Dat (2018), Bakae, O18’s finest, Own you thrown which were all released in 2020.


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