Which School did Boity go to?

In a continent that Education is key to success, Boity is one of the intelligent woman out there you can find in the South African media space even though her educational background is one sad story.

Born in Potchefstroom, Boity completed her basic school in her city of Birth and sent on to attend the Potchefstroom Girls High School.

After high school, she gain admission to Monash University to study psychology and criminology, unfortunately she dropped out soon after because her mother could not afford her fees.

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This is a common challenge coming from a poor background that your parents can’t give you that huge helping hand in terms of paying your school fees and other needed items.

Boity Thulo

It is the same fate that Boity suffered and had to reconsider doing something else but that never discouraged her.

A determined Boity joined a casting agency and got trained as a model, this enabled her to appear in her first commercial in 2010.

Despite Her lack of strong educational background she has made great strides in South Africa and the continent as a whole.

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