Some interesting facts you should know about Guinea’s Coup Leader Colonel Mamady Doumbouya


Colonel Mamady Doumbouya is a Guinean Military officer born on the 4th day of March 1980 in the Kankan Region of Guinea making him 41 years of age currently.

Military Career

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya even though is well known to be a Guinean Military personnel did not actually start his million career in the West African country.

He was a French Legionnaire having the rank of Corporal prior to his return to his Homeland to lead the Guinean Special Forces Group, one of the elite Military unit created by embattled President Alpha Conde.


Doumbouya was a graduate from the Ècole de Guerre war college in Paris and has gathered more than 15 years of experience from missions to several countries including Djibouti, Ivory Coast and Afghanistan.

In 2019 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and gained a further promotion quickly to become a Colonel the following year while working in a role for the Country’s intelligence services, based in Forécariah.

Coup d’ètat (2021)

Doumbouya was the main Architect of the Guinean coup d’état that took place on 5th September 2021 where the president of Guinea, Alpha Condé, was detained. He issued a broadcast on the state Television right after a successful operation declaring that his faction had dissolved the government and the entire constitution.

His reason is as a result of the political happenings that has been taking place in the country for years now. justifying the military’s actions, Doumbaya quoted the former and late Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings saying “if the people are crushed by their elites, it is up to the army to give the people their freedom”.




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