When did Tems start singing?

Tems is one of the leading names you will hear in the Nigerian music scene and Africa as a whole with many hit songs attributed to her name.

Despite having to battle the hardship of their parents separating when she was just five years old, Tems hasn’t given up on her dreams to become a renowned musician.

When did Tems start singing


Terms grew up singing in her church choir in 2009 and just like many other high profile artists rose to become one of the young famous singers in Nigeria.

Is Tems a Nigerian?

The success of her hit song titled ‘Try Me’ which was released in 2019 saw her emerge into a big name in the music industry.

Her hard work has earned her a signing unto RCA records, An American record label which happens to be one of Sony Music’s four flagship labels, alongside RCA’s former long-time rival Columbia Records

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