The Countries that Ronaldo scored his Record breaking Hat-Tricks against

Cristiano Ronaldo has just set another record and it seems we have to find ways to protect some of the records for other footballers to also tackle because as it stands now he is likely to break everything called record in football before hanging his boots.

The 5 time Ballon D’or winner is now the footballer with the highest international Hat-Trick goals in the history of Men’s football. Thanks to his dazzling performance against Luxembourg in the ongoing world cup Qualifiers.

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So let’s go straight and take a look at all the countries that fall victims of his new record.

1. Northern Ireland – 6th September 2013

2. Sweden – 19th November 2013

3. Armenia – 13th June 2015

4. Andora – 7th October 2016

5. Faroe Islands – 31st August 2017

6. Spain – 15th June 2019

7. Switzerland – 5th June 2019

8. Lithuania – 10th September 2019

9. Lithuania – 14th November 2019

10. Luxembourg – 12th October 2021

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