Why is Boity Thulo famous?


One of the leading celebrity names on the lips of South Africans is Boity Thulo who has successfully established herself as one of the leading female role models in the country.

Why is Boity Thulo famous?

Boity Thulo became an Internet sensation worldwide when she fearlessly showcased her nakedness in support of a Naked Campaign led by Marie Claire.

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With such good body physique, the Pictures went viral circulating on the internet at a faster pace.

Even before Boity first gained international recognition for her participation with an excellent performance in “Strictly Come Dancing South Africa” back in 2014, a program she placed third in.

After such dazzling performance, Boity gradually begins to become a global icon in South Africa.

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Boity emerged as South Africa’s the sexiest woman for the years 2012 and 2013 respectively gaining overwhelming attention from the public.

Aside this, Boity’s multiple profession has also played a great influence in her being famous, She is a Television Personality, a musician, a model and an entrepreneur.

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