Alleged Kidnapping of Pregnant Takoradi Woman, The entire story so far


One of the interesting stories fast trending in all the Ghanaian Social media platforms is an alleged Kidnap issue of a pregnant woman in Takoradi.

Yes we are very much aware kidnaps have been ongoing in the country for a very long time now but the controversies surrounding this particular one is what makes it a must story to have a full idea of.

1. It all started on the 15th of September 2021 when reports of a missing woman named Josephine Panyin Mensah who was reportedly carrying a 9-months pregnancy go viral on social media.


2. 17th September 2021: Family of the said missing woman claim the kidnappers called to demand a ransom forcing police to quickly launch investigation into the case that same day.

3. 21st September 2021: Josephine Mensah was found in Axim looking unkept, mute and without any sign of carrying even a one month old pregnancy.

4. She was admitted to the Axim Government hospital On the same day for examination.

5. 22nd September 2021: Western Regional Minister boldly and publicly claims Josephine was never pregnant.

6. 23rd September 2021: The Police Service with records from the Axim and Takoradi Hospitals backed the Ministers claim she was not pregnant.

7. 23rd September 2021: Josephine Mensah now a suspect in Kidnapping conspiracy while three other suspects were arrested and currently in Police custody for questioning.

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