“Big Lie?” – French Montana claims to be first Male Bronx Rapper to go Diamond, Numbers says otherwise


French Montana has left many scratching their heads after his latest claim during an interview when he recently appeared on the latest episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

The Rapper declared himself as the first ever Artist from the Bronx to go Diamond.

The Surprised host asked him to repeat his words and he boldly did that without blinking an eye and tried to defend his claim with some numbers.

He was then asked whether Jay Z hasn’t done that and Montana clearly said No.

“I’m the first male artist from the mecca of hip-hop to go diamond. It just happened like that,” He said

The Rapper quickly changed his tongue within a second saying:

I’m the first male artist from the mecca of hip-hop, from The Bronx, and the first born-African artist to ever go diamond. So, that’s different.”

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