Embarrassing moment University lecturer failed to solve difficult Maths problem he gave students

A University Lecturer has made himself a laughingstock after failing to solve a mathematics Question he gave his students.

Mathematics is undoubtedly one of the scariest subject out there but it’s also an opened secret that some of the subject lecturers are making it more difficult with questions that has no solution.

During a lecture session, Students were left with no option than to giggle silently when their lecturer was sweating and biting his fingers as he tried frantically to solve a Maths problem he gave them.

The Lecturer boldly move to the board in an attempt to tackle his own thing when students aren’t even understanding what is happening.

Shockingly he took a step back to check well if it’s not his eyes playing Chask3l3 games on him but still nothing proves to be happening positively on the board.

Students realize just how much their man is struggling and rushed to the board to rescue him. All this while, the Professors of mathematics class backbenchers were comfortably sitting at the back unconcern.



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