“Get an interpreter to help you understand English Interviews” – Sam George blast Peace FM claiming CNN reporter bashed him


Member of Parliament and lead activist for the Anti LGBTQ bill Sam Nartey George is not happy with Peace FM’s reportage following his interview with CNN.

The Man of the moment for Ghanaians is Member of Parliament, Hon. Sam Nartey George and he wrote his name all over in the good books of Ghanaians all over again.

Sam George was hosted in an interview via Skype by CNN and he despite efforts to make it look like a bill to criminalize any form of homosexuality in Ghana will be against the right of people, he handled it so well in some intelligent manner.

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The interview which was more like an intense argument quickly made headlines and one of the Ghanaian based media houses that reported it.

However their choice of headline seems to be making a statement that Sam George was defeated during the argument and the MP is not happy about that.

Peace FM report

Reacting to their headline Sam George told the media house to get an interpreter if they can’t decode the messages in English Language and have a clear understanding of it.

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He wrote: “dear @peacefmonline, the interview was conducted in English. You should have gotten a professional interpreter to help you understand the interview. Cheers. ?


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