Groom Abandon his bride to grind the backside of a guest during wedding reception

A gentleman has just done the unthinkable by abandoning his newly wedded wife to chase a guest who was available at his wedding reception.

Mostly couples at least are able to control themselves during a day that is tagged as the most special day of their relationship life.

That special day is no other day than their wedding day where they can officially be pronounced as husband and wife.

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But it was a different case when an unidentified man pull up the hardest gangster life of all time in a video that is fast making rounds online.

In the viral video, the groom who just put a ring on the finger of someone’s daughter run straight to a guest lady who was busy enjoying the music and dancing to it. The man hilariously grind the backside of the lady holding her in some joyful manner as others cheers him.

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The bride who is completely stunned by his husband’s action couldn’t even move and remain in her chair like a statue watching her man make the brotherhood proud.

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