Here are four things You can’t get back in life

Life is one hell of an experience that can get you feeling like going back to where exactly you came from but also gives another strong feeling of Never wanting to go back wherever it’s said we all will be going back to.

We however abuse some moments especially when it comes to having an encounter with Friends and Love ones.

This piece pf Article is documented to teach us and let us be much aware of some Four Things we can’t have back in life even if we push so much to the highest extent to have them back.

So just walk straight towards your fridge now, pull out a chilled bottle of wine, sit down, cross your legs like a boss and take note of this four things.

1. The word after it’s said

There’s no denying the fact that everyone gets to say something terrible when tempers rise. Infact after an altercation, you may sit down and ask yourself if you really uttered those words and even there might be a high possibility that you weren’t even aware you said things like that until someone narrates it to you.

It is very important to note that, no matter the amount of Apology, such harsh words you already voiced out can never in anyway be erased.

2. Trust after it’s lost

Trust! Trust!! Trust!! Relationship owners can relate, when your partner placed an outmost trust in you and later find out even one negative action of yours, it becomes very hard to forgive, you might have desist from such act but hey there will always be a feeling in your partner that such action can be repeated.

3. Time After it’s gone

Time and and tide they say waits for no Man. When you have a particular task to perform, just hit it straight because the clock is always ticking forward and such time will not come back after it’s gone.

4. Moments after it’s missed.

Imagine that feeling of playing pillow games with your partner at 10:00 Pm, end up holding each other tight in the arms, sharing kisses and then boom the following day it ended in tears for you. At every 10:00 pm, it will be like a nightmare to you when all this runs through your mind but you can’t get it right back.

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