Regina Daniels confronts former boyfriend, says he shouldn’t have come close her if he knew it wasn’t for marriage

Regina Daniels has taken her time to lash out at her former boyfriend on why he wasn’t able to marry her after spending several years together.

Recall that before the young actress got married to Nigerian business mogul Ned Nwoko, she was in a relationship with actor Somadina Adinma.

Somadina just like any other man was not happy with the fact his girlfriend walk out of his arms and fell into that of a man as old as her grandfather.

Regina Daniels and Husband Ned Nwoko

This action reduced him to public mockery among internet users. For this reason, there is a trending video that shows the two of them arguing over their relationship.

In the video, Regina question her ex lover why he even came close to her when he knew their affair isn’t going to lead them into marriage.

This is a little confusing though and many are of the thought that the video could be just some part of a new movie the two stared in.

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