How to know if a woman is not interested in you but just being nice


Sometimes its really confusing to know if a woman actually means business with you or or she is just playing. Often times if you are able to distinguish between the two, it can save you a lot of rejections. So we are giving you some clues about How to know if a Woman is not interested in you but just being nice.

So if you are that kind of guy who gets lots of mixed signals and cant seems to figure it out, l have got a couple of things that can help you reduce the likelihood of you ever getting rejected by a woman.

How to know if a woman is not interested in you but just being nice

  • Half of the time when you are trying to invite her out, she will never or hardly ever give you an exact date and time, she is always saying l will let you know, l will keep you updated, l will let you know when l am available. I can’t tell you exactly when but let’s say Saturday. Basically, she is never straight forward with you and never let you know exactly when you can meet her and every time you bring it back, she throws that same line back at you and say l will let you know, l will check my calendar and then she never gets back to you. Chances are she really is just being nice to you and she is not interested in taking this any further.

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  • When she does make a day with you, she doesn’t show up when she said she will, Now trust me, if a girl really likes you, she actually goes the extra mile, she makes the effort, she counts down to the day she will see you and get to hung out with again. So if this is not happening, my brother trust she is so not into you, she is probably just being nice.
  • If a woman does not allow you invade her personal space, she is not that into you. Breaking it down, let’s say you go to a bar and you are sitting with a woman and you want to kind of draw a little closer and as soon as you draw closer, she sort of maybe not immediately pulls away because she don’t want you to feel bad but at some point during the conversation you feel she slightly shift her body away from you. Now when you are not close to someone or when you don’t like someone that much, you do not want them in your personal space and everybody has this unspoken invisible barrier after which someone crosses begins to make you uncomfortable. But if somebody really likes you, she doesn’t mind if you invade that space. For instance lets say you are done with a good day, you are taking her back home, you get to the gate and she gets down from the car, walk to the door and just before you leave you draw really closer to her and say “hey l had a really nice evening” now whiles you are saying that, if she takes a few steps back to maintain that personal space, chances are she is not really interested and doesn’t want to get intimacy with you.
  • A woman is not interested in you if she never wants to be alone with you or only wants to meet you in public places. What it automatically means is she is not comfortable with you, she does not trust you to be a gentleman and you probably gave off that because you kept talking sex even though you just met. So if she is always showing up to your invitation with her friends or always trying to find a public place to meet you, she probably does not like you but only being nice.

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  • If a woman is just being nice and not interested in you, she keeps you away from her friends, even though theres that moment where she will be showing up with her friends, yes there also is the time where she won’t let you get into her inner circle, like the friends that really matter, they will never know about you.
  • Another valid point to note if a girl is interested in you or just being nice is that it takes hours or days to respond to your message or return your calls. Trust me if she doesn’t like you, she will never be in a hurry to return your calls, she won’t also be in a hurry to reply your messages, she will keep your messages unread if she uses applications like whatsapp.



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