Is Masturbation good? Crazy Facts About Masturbation


Masturbation is fast becoming a common thing in our society, It’s happening between both male and females especially those in their teen ages who don’t have the capacity to keep a Romantic relationship where they can have regular S3xual affairs. However, Married Men and women who aren’t satisfied by the performance of their partners in the bedroom also masturbates to complete the job.

Some Christians who believed in the words of Fornication being a sin and that Preaching of Marriage before S3x also turn attention to Masturbation to satisfy their honey moments.

So let’s go straight into knowing some Facts about Masturbation.

  • It is important to know that Once you start masturbating, it’s difficult to stop, in fact it has so many physiology and mental effect.
  • Masturbation makes you tired sexually insensitive that you can go off asleep once you complete it.

  • If you masturbate roughly, you can fracture your pen!s or vag!na.

  • If over-Masturbating, you can have low sperm count there by making you imponent.

  • Statically, 74% of men and 53% of women masturbate daily.

  • If you masturbate frequently it can also cause swelling of the pen!sor vag!na, this is called EDEMA, but the swelling will disappear after some days.

  • Statistics also proved that out of 53% of women who masturbate, 28% of them use sex toys, 20% uses Cucumbers while the Remaining 5% uses anything they deemed fit into their honeypot.

Most people believe that masturbation reduces stress, makes you happy and makes you satisfied.

  • 70% of married men masturbate.

It is also important to note that Masturbation starts from what you see, if you want to stop masturbating control what you watch and see, stay occupied and always remember that you own your body, your body doesn’t own you so you can control it.



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