“It’s about to Go Down” – Hajia 4Reall vows to speak up in a bid to be vindicated


Embattled Ghanaian Socialist, Hajia 4Reall who is also known as Mona has broken yet again her silence amidst her arrest in the United Kingdom.

The Ghanaian influencer turned Musician has suffered an arrest some months ago after she was accused of many fraudulent acts including a 2 million United States Dollar Romance scam.

She is currently in police custody assisting in a further ongoing investigation and it has been a real cause of alarm for her fans who are already miss her presence.

With many eager to know the outcome of her case, Hajia 4Reall took to her instagram handle to share some strong messages and they look very motivational.

According to her, she is very much aware that not every wound sustained by a bullet will come from the battlefield.

Instead, there are many bullets wounds that came as a result of Stray bullets and that is exactly what her life story is at the moment.

“Not every bullet wound is from the battle
field, some bullet wounds are stray bullets. My current life story “ She wrote

Hajia 4Reall continued her message and made it known to the public that she strongly believes it is just a matter of time before she will be vindicated.

According to her, her vindication will surely come when she speak up and bring all the truths to light.

“I will be vindicated when all is said and done. It’s only a matter of time and the light of truth will outshine the darkness” – She added

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