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Loni Willison is a famous American actress and model born on May 20, 1983 in Hemet California in the United States of America where she was raised.

Though she’s a social media personality, every attempt to know her parents and siblings were in vein since she’s never willing to talk about them or even let the public know their names.

Loni Willison developed interest in acting and modeling since her childhood days. Through the supports she got from his family especially her parents, made it possible for her to grow up with his dream and subsequently realizing her dreams of becoming a talented actress and model.

As a model, she appeared on many Magazine covers. She has passion for for Modeling to the extent that she became one of the best models of her time.

When it comes to acting, Loni Willison was one of the topmost actress that film producers look up to. This famous actress does her work with passion and usually involved herself in the situation of role she plays.

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In addition to her acting and model works, Loni also served as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center at Los Angeles. She was also a real estate agent too.

Loni as an entertainer usually used her free times to entertain herself too. Normally, she travels around to explore things, listening to music, writing scrips and watching movies whenever she gets the chance to do so.

Loni Willison met her life partner Jeremy Jackson who is an American popular singer and actor. After dating for a while, they got married in 2012. The wedding was held in private ceremony and was attended by only close friends and families.

Loni Willison
Loni Willison

At the beginning, their marriage was seen as the best but surprisingly, it didn’t last the test of time as many people thought. In 2014, the unimaginable happened to the marriage life of Loni and Jeremy. After being together in marriage for two years, they divorced. The divorce came in as a result of Jeremy’s assaulting Loni in addition to his usage of hard drugs. There is no child between them.

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After two years of the divorce incident, Loni was hit with another big problem. She lost her acting and model jobs. She became homeless as a result of that because the actress can no longer afford to pay her rent.

Because of the trauma associated with her divorce and kissing of career, Loni began to experience some mental disorders. Since nobody cares for her, her situation became worse and she started rummaging in nearby trash cans with her shopping cart filled with many cloths and other trashes she came across on the street of Santa Monica.

In October 2020, actress Loni was spotted on the streets of Vernice Beach. The Sun publication house run into her on the street and interviewed her but all that she said was she’s doing very well whilst everything shows clearly that she’s mentally ill.

This model gets her everyday food from bins and stores. She sometimes found money in the trashes and from kind people who offered to help her.

Loni Willison Net Worth

Before all these tragedies befall her, she was able to had a whooping net worth of $1.6 million.



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